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Powerpoint Slide Services

We provide Powerpoint slide creation services for both on-screen presentations and actual 35mm slides.  The cost for slide creation is determined by the individual slide requirements, whether it is a slide with text only, text with tables, graphics, charts, etc.  We will be happy to review your program and provide an estimate for creating your slide show.


A service that has become very popular and can save a considerable amount of time (and money) is the digitizing of existing 35mm slides.  Sometimes recreating slides for digital presentation can be very time consuming and cost prohibitive .  We work around these limitations in the following manner: an original slide is scanned on a high-res scanner, brought into Photoshop where it is resized, straightened, cleaned-up and enhanced, then imported into Powerpoint.  The resulting Powerpoint presentation is then "burned" to a CD.  At the client's request, we will also burn the adjusted scans to the CD.  As most slides available are duplicates, the resulting sharpness and color saturation won't be the same as if the slide was recreated digitally.  However, this method may meet your requirements for budget and time.

If you do your own Powerpoint slide creation, and require 35mm slide output, we can also provide 35mm slide output to a film recorder.