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10"x10" Enlarger

10' column with
multiple height
42" x 62" baseboard.
Free-standing or can be mounted to wall.
Pin-registration carrier.
Makes a great vertical copy stand, especially for scanning-back digital capture devices (ie., BetterLight Digital Scan Backs)

This is the one enlarger/copy stand you will never wear out.

Will last a lifetime.

Fotar FV810-100

Price does NOT include color head and lens.

(Original MSRP:  $13,580)


Coda-Mount Motorized Laminator


44" mounting width
Silicone Rollers
Foot Switch Included

Mount or Laminate up to 44" wide prints or drawings

(i.e., Gatorboard
Adhesive Films

This unit has seen very little use and is in great condition. (MSRP: $3,595)



fotar enlarging table

(Original MSRP: $1,575)

Forox Copy Stand Column



Fotar Enlarging Table
42x32" Baseboard,

Makes a great shooting table for small
product photos.
Very stable.

Will last a lifetime.


(Omega D5500 Chassis, Colorhead and controller NOT included.)


utility model D


55 safelight


55 safelight-2


55 lamp A


Kodak Model D
Utility Safelight
Kodak Model 1A
5½" Dia. Darkroom Lamp
Kodak Model 1A
5½" Dia. Darkroom Lamp
(needs socket and cord)
Kodak Model A
5½" Dia. Darkroom Lamp


10x12 filter

$10 ea.

55 filters

$7.50 ea

poly II set


thomas duplex


Kodak 10 x 12" Safelight Filters, 1A, 13, OC Kodak 5½" Dia. Safelight Filters, #13, #OC Kodak Polycontrast II Filter Set, 5 x 5" Thomas Duplex Super Safelight
includes FCD Filter Set


paper safes


saunders borderless



cc reader


Premier Paper Safes
8½ x 11  and  11 x 14
Saunders 11 x 14" Borderless Paper Easel

Saunders 11 x 14"
Professional Adjustable Enlarging Paper Easel

ZBE CC Reader


omega glass carrier


omega long roll


omega carriers

$10 ea.

microline 320


Omega 4 x 5" AN Glass Negative Carrier Omega Long-roll 35mm
Negative Carrier
Omega Glassless Negative Carriers, Mounted 35 Slide, 35mm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x9cm, 4x5" Okidata Microline 320 Printer


gralab timer 168


gralab timer 450


omega footswitch



GraLab Universal Darkroom Timer, Model 168 GraLab Digital Timer, Model 450, with Footswitch Omega Dual Footswitch with extended cord  


darkroom vent


loersch mounter


cycle-4 air gun


10-in filter housing


Darkroom Light-tite Ventilation Vent, 13½" Square Loersch Diamounter 1000
(Includes pin-registration
and 2-line imprinting)
Cycle 4
Anti-Static Air Gun
Colex / Filterite 10" Filter Housing & Ball-Valve Shut-offs